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The truth about celebrity secrets to beautiful skin

By making the correct lifestyle choices and choosing products carefully, you too can achieve the same flawless, radiant skin celebrities do the craziest things to attain.

Nicole Kidman rinses her hair with cranberry juice. Catherine Zeta-Jones cleans her teeth with strawberries. Gwyneth Paltrow gargles coconut oil. Blake Lively smears her hair with mayonnaise. ScarJo scrubs her face with cider vinegar. Demi Moore detoxes with leeches. And Sandra Bullock fights off eye-bags with haemorrhoid cream.

Yep, it seems things get pretty wild in the world of celebrity beauty. But what really works wonders? And what just winds up being a total waste of good mayonnaise?

Celebrity fetishes (and genetics) aside, the simple reality to having beautiful skin turns out to be entirely holistic. Your skin condition is directly linked to – and ultimately can only be improved by – the way you live your life, from the moment you wake to the time you go to bed. Here’s how to do it.

1. Get your beauty sleep

A recent study found Singaporeans to be among the most sleep-deprived people in the world, averaging a meagre six hours and 32 minutes of sleep per day. Sleep deprivation can impair your performance and lead to depression, weight gain and many serious health conditions. It also affects the quality of your skin – think pale skin and dark circles under your eyes.

If that sounds like you, regular exercise can often help encourage a good night’s rest. Swisse Sleep is another option worth considering, as its key ingredient – valerian – is an herb that effectively helps promote a more naturally restful sleep. And of course, you won’t suffer the adverse chemical effects of a sleeping pill.

2. Banish bad habits

Smoking and drinking cause dehydration, leading to lacklustre skin and premature ageing. In addition, smoking has been linked to an increased risk of skin cancer. While it may be hard at first, resist temptation with these natural tricks: chew on something hard and nourishing, such as nuts, or carrot or celery sticks; ease your stress with deep breathing and relaxation techniques; or divert your attention with physical activity, as even a brisk 30-minute walk or yoga session can do the trick.

3. Power up on superfoods

The foods you choose are just as important as the skin creams you meticulously select. Eat a balanced diet full of healthy fats, sufficient protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Certain superfoods, including strawberries, tomatoes, walnuts, dark chocolate and olive oil, have also been proven to give you great skin, so stock up on these.

4. Supplement with a vitamin

If you can’t get enough nutrients and antioxidants from your diet, give your skin an added boost with multivitamins that provide an essential and balanced variety of vitamins and minerals. A specially formulated supplement that contains biotin, vitamin C and zinc can help to support collagen production,a which assists with the maintenance of supple skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

Local celebrity, actress and former Miss Universe Singapore Rebecca Lim agrees: “We don’t get to choose our meals on set sometimes and we don’t have salads ready for us all the time. So it’s really about supplementing our diet with minerals that we don’t get from food. I’ve been taking multivitamins and[Swisse’s] Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails. It doesn’t hurt to have better hair and skin!”

5. Flaunt the no make-up look

If you must turn to beauty products, you won’t need a lot to allow your natural beauty to shine through. Here are some ways you can achieve fresh, flawless-looking skin:

Moisturise: Many factors – the sun, harsh soaps, pollution, stress and the weather – strip away your skin’s natural oils, making your skin drier as you age. Moisturising is a must in your daily routine because it helps nourish the skin, protects it from sun damage and boosts collagen levels.
Protect: Use at least an SPF30 sunblock to protect your skin from harmful UV rays – and remember that damage can be caused by indoor lighting as well as the sun.
Conceal: Cover blemishes and dark circles with a light-reflecting concealer, but don’t pile on too much. The trick is to use your fingers to dab, blend and build it up in thin layers. To get oily skin under control, use an oil-absorbing powder or blotting paper and a touch of translucent powder.
Colour: Cream blushes are perfect for creating natural rosy cheeks. Pick a warm peach or pink colour for a subtle flush. Lightly dab it on the apple of your cheeks, making sure the edges are thoroughly blended in.
Define: Open up your eyes by giving your lashes a coat of a dark brown mascara and filling in the gaps in your eyebrows with a light brown eyeshadow. Lightly highlight your brow bone and lids with cream shadows in a soft, brownish tint.

Proper skincare, combined with good lifestyle habits, is the only real key to unlocking a healthy glow and beautiful skin. And that’s no secret anymore.