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Do Swisse products contain artificial flavours?

This Swisse products do not contain any added artificial flavours, this information is shown on the label of all Swisse products.


Are there any additional benefits to having more ingredients than other brands?


Where are Swisse products produced?

Most products are produced in Australia, The Effervescent tablets are produced in Switzerland.


Are there preservatives in the herbs added to keep the nutritional value?

Most of our products have no added artificial preservatives however some might contain natural or artificial preservatives where required to ensure the stability of the ingredient.


How many products within Swisse line-up can I use?


What makes Swisse so different from other vitamin brands?

Swisse has a unique complete line-up and combinations of ingredients that aren’t replicated in Singapore. Swisse is a brand that doesn’t believe in just helping people with ailments, but in helping people who want to succeed and get ahead in life.


Why was Rebecca Lim chosen as the brand ambassador for Singapore?

Rebecca Lim is an inspirational Singaporean that knows what it means to work hard to achieve success. She strongly believes in good health, has tried Swisse Supplements and will personally testify to why she uses them. We are very proud to have her on board as part of the Swisse family.


Is Rebecca Lim an existing Swisse user?

Yes, Rebecca has used Swisse products and reported favorably. This is a key condition of Swisse signing with any of our family of ambassadors.


Many of your products have claims. What is the basis for these claims, and is there any independent third-party verification?

We use external 3rd party date sources as the basis of all our claims. The source is always specified in the disclaimers where the claim is made.


How do I choose the best Swisse product(s) for me?

As we are individuals, we have different nutritional requirements in order to function at our best. However, supplementing with a daily multivitamin may be beneficial to bridge daily nutritional requirements. The Swisse product range is not “one size fits all”, our formulas are targeted based on life stage and gender to ensure your supplementation regime […]


Is it normal for the colour of my urine to turn bright yellow after taking some Swisse formulas?

Yes. This is due to the metabolism of certain vitamins that may be included in Swisse product formulae, and their elimination from the body. What your body requires for that day is utilised, and the remainder is excreted.


Should I take my vitamins with a meal?

Some dietary supplements are best taken with a meal, while others are best taken on an empty stomach. As such, we recommend referring to the label or to specific information on each individual product page for further guidance. Visit the full Product Range here.

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