About Swisse

Hello Singapore!

Allow us to introduce ourselves – we’re Swisse, Australia’s #1 Multivitamin Brand*.

For many years Swisse has been committed to help people live healthier and be happier, and today millions of people use our unique range of scientifically supported formulas.

When you take Swisse multivitamins and supplements you know you’re getting products made with high quality  ingredients. Our men’s and women’s multivitamins alone contain around 50 ingredients, that’s over 20 more than Singapore’s leading Multivitamin brand. With Swisse you can feel confident knowing our products are made with world-class manufacturing techniques and rigorous testing. 

Read more about our commitment to research and development in nutraceuticals and complementary medicine in Our Research.

At Swisse, we support health care professionals, sporting bodies, athletes, and other role models who embody our vision of health and happiness. Swisse has been the choice of many champion athletes and international superstars like the Australian Olympic Team and Rebecca Lim. We are proud of our associations with these ambassadors and sporting bodies and hope they inspire you as they inspire us.

Find out more in Our Ambassadors section.

Join us to live healthy, be happy with Swisse!

*Source: Aztec Data Mat 2013/2014